Juan & Nery Engagement Session // Midwest Engagement Photographer

When did you first know you were in love with one another?

Juan: “I was going through a bad situation and coincidently I was studying binary stars at the time. When I talked to Nery about my problem, she made me feel comfort, peace, and love. She reminded me of the gravitational pull between binary stars and how one can’t live without the other, just like her, my binary star, my dancing partner for life.”

Nery: “The moment I knew I was in love with Juan was when I had just left my job because things weren’t going well. He told me a story about a man who had lost the only thing he ever knew how to do, and was so afraid of change but came out brighter on the side. He made me feel so much comfort, and unconditional support that I just knew there was nothing I couldn’t get through as long as he was by my side.”

Julia Guydeychuk