Romantic Wisconsin Lakeside Engagement Session // Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve (Grafton, WI) // Shelby & Josh

“What is some things that (Shelby or Josh) does that you find incredibly cute or hilarious?”

Shelby: “Josh is the perfect mix of cute and funny. Most mornings I will get a “good morning beautiful, dogs are taken care” text. He goes to work very early and I never see him in the morning and it’s always nice to wake up to a sweet text to start the day. He surprises me with iced coffee when I am least expecting it, like when I am  coming straight out of the shower and he is patiently waiting outside the bathroom door with a big grin on his face and a large coffee in his hands. In addition to all those cute characteristics, he also has quite the funny side. One thing that always puts a smile on my face is his in car concerts. Josh will start belting out song and make it very theatrical whether if it’s a Justin Bieber song (Josh is a huge belieber) or ACDC’s Back in black. And yes I do have video footage as proof. He’s not only the love of my life, but also my best friend. Someone I can count on and think of the little things. And he is someone who I can always laugh with. I’m so lucky and can’t wait to laugh everyday with him for the rest of our lives together.”

Josh: “Although I may be the funnier one in the relationship, Shelby makes me laugh for different reasons and in different ways. Shelby is a very smart girl and well rounded, but she can sometimes have those “blonde moments” that leads to a “whoops, oh well” and I can’t help but to laugh. When we first started dating, Shelby informed me that her dog Axel will howl or more so sing to the Law and Order: SVU theme song. She had to show me, and I could not stop laughing. Now every time we watch SVU either Shelby or I will turn up the the volume during the song and watch Axel howl his heart out and we both laugh no matter what.  I have to admit I am very often big man child and the cute and caring person that Shelby is, she caters to it. One time, before she left for a extended weekend trip, she made sure she made me a few of my favorite meals to last out the trip until she got back. It was sweet to know that even though she was busy getting last minute things together she still thought of me and was still taking care me even while she  was across the country. I think this is why we work out as a team. We recognize each other’s weaknesses and we are there to fill the void to make sure we are both taken care of. We always work better together and I’m grateful to have found my perfect teammate to spend the rest of my life with.”

Julia Guydeychuk