Summer & Chasen // Golden Hour Beach Engagement Session // Midwest Engagement Photographer

“What are a few characteristics or things that you love about (Summer or Chasen)?”

Chasen: “I love how you always support me and have always loved me no matter the circumstances or life choices I make. You’ve always been loyal and loved me for me and the memories we share together. I love how you’re out going and love to go on adventures with me. I love how beautiful your personality is. And most of all, I love how you’re my absolute best friend and how we can always be ourselves around each other and have so much fun no matter what we do!”

Summer: “I love how you are completely and entirely yourself! You aren’t afraid to be silly and goof around when we’re together! I love your smile, your touch, and your ability to cheer me up in an instant! Your desire to follow God, be a leader, and spread positivity continues to inspire me daily! You have motivation and determination like I’ve never seen before! You were made just for me! Thank you for pushing me to be the best version of myself and for agreeing to go on crazy adventures with me! I love you Chasen Kayle!”

Julia Guydeychuk