Marina & Erik Engagement // Devil's Lake State Park

What has been the best date you’ve been on with one another?

Erik: “A couple of summers ago we went on a road trip to Saugatuk, MI where we hiked at the dunes and spent time at the beach. Once it got dark I asked Marina what campsite she booked and she proceeded to tell me she was planning on winging it (classic). So after calling 7 different campsites, we finally found an open spot at an RV Park (aka a parking lot). Wasn’t my best night of sleep but we ate good food and had some much needed one on one time! Dates like that make me appreciate spontaneous moments with my best friend even when she stresses me out.”

Marina: “As of right now, my favorite date with Erik would be our ice skating excursion this past winter. We impulsively bought skates and decided to try them out on a nearby outdoor rink and it was a blast!! Being the competitive people we both are, our leisurely skating turned into a race to see who was the best and the fastest. Naturally, I won, but during our race Erik and I collided due to his inability to turn and my agile speed causing us both to fly off the rink and land in the snow. No one was permanently injured, so I'd say it was a successful date night!”

Julia Guydeychuk