Taylor & Brennan // Adventurous Couples Session in the Mountains // Chautauqua Park (Boulder, CO)

“How did you first know you were in love with (Taylor or Brennan)?”

Taylor: “From the get go I knew Brennan was the one. I remember so early into our relationship I told my friend, “I’m going to marry Brennan”. So, so quickly I fell in love. It felt so easy & natural & truly like this is who God made for me. There was no true justifying moment of love for me, it was just kinda always there.”

Brennan: “I knew pretty quickly that I felt something special that I’d never felt before. After only dating for about a month, I knew that love was true and pure, so I tried being cute and told her “I think I love you” and she responded saying “well come tell me when you know for sure”. We always laugh about it looking back but that was when I had never been more sure of anything and she was the love of my life.

Julia Guydeychuk