Megan & Jack // Boulder, Colorado Mountain Couples Session

“What are some of the qualities or things that you appreciate (or appreciate more) about (Megan or Jack) after being married a little while?”

Megan: “Jack is so supportive. I don’t think I got to see that side of him when we were just dating or in college, but now in our professional lives, in hobbies I love pursuing or things I’m passionate about, he always supports me and is my biggest cheerleader! And I’ve gotten to watch him become such a spiritual leader in our house, he’s always pointing me back to what really matters the most in life and I’m so thankful for that. And he’s so flexible and always up for doing new things which has made our life together so much fun!!” 

Jack: “I appreciate her drive and passion for jumping into and trying new things. She’s super adventurous and I need that in my life. I wouldn’t be in Colorado if it weren’t for her adventurous spirit! She pushes me to try new things and I appreciate that. The longer you know someone the more you get to know their true self, her confidence and belief in herself, willingness to push herself out of her comfort zone, her stubbornness. She exudes confidence and I love that.”

Julia Guydeychuk