Shelby & Matti // Parking Garage Sunset Longboard Couples Session

“What are the little things that (Shelby or Matti) do or say that you appreciate a ton?”

Shelby: “I love how spontaneous Matti is no matter what the occasion or the reasoning behind it. He’s always surprising me with sweet gifts that I randomly said I wanted maybe weeks or months ago. It means so much to me to know that he’s always listening to me & remembering the little things. He also continuously sends me sweet texts throughout the day reminding me how much he loves & adores me, he literally never stops showing his love for me & it means everything ❤️”

Matti: “I love how Shelby looks at me. Her eyes are soft and warm in a way that makes you feel capable of great deeds; they also flash with a glow that dares you to attempt those same deeds on the cusp of your imagination. 

Her existence gives me purpose to reach further. Every look from her is another reason to bring more of the world to her feet. Wisdom, culture, and thoughts, in addition to understanding, music and myself.

If I can’t reach today I reenforce my effort the next day to see what new parts of the universe I can give her. She gives me cause and joy to reach.”

Julia Guydeychuk