Emily & Daniel // Rustic Midwest Elopement & Cozy Picnic // Intimate Elopement

“What has been the most meaningful gift (Emily or Daniel) has ever given you and why was it meaningful to you?” (And engagement or wedding rings don’t count for this one!)

Emily: “The most meaningful gift Daniel has given me is a collection of letters that he gave me on my birthday in 2015. There were about 15 letters in the collection and they ranged from “open on your birthday 2017”, “open on our one year anniversary”, “open on our wedding day”, and “open on the day of the birth of our first child”. These are so special to me because Daniel knew he wanted to marry me three years prior to actually getting married. He is so caring, thoughtful, and loving and it blows me away every day. I am so happy to be married to my absolute best friend.”

Daniel: “My favorite and most meaningful gift Emily has given me is a mood ring. It’s very random but it is unlike anything else I’ve received. We have known each other for 17 years and a few years back Emily and I were going through some of her old belongings. She pulled out an old mood ring she had gotten at a Scholastic Book Fair back in 2002. The ring was way too big on her and she gave it to me so that I would be connected to her even more. It’s nice for me to have something from when we were so young, around 8, and it fits me perfectly. I wear my wedding ring on my left hand, obviously, and I wear the mood ring on my hand hand. All the color has faded off it, so it looks like a plain black ring but it is still so special to me. It’s my little piece of Emily.”

Julia Guydeychuk