Ruben & Melissa // Intimate Chicago Elopement at Millennium Park // Chicago Elopement Photographer

“Why Elope?!:

Melissa: “We chose to elope because we like the intimacy of it just being us two. At the end of the day it will always be us two that continue to choose each other.  I feel like in the past we've relied on our families before each other and starting our lives in unity just the two of us was just something we had to do on our own.”

Ruben: “I felt like eloping was the best thing for us because truly at the end of the day, at the end of your witts end it's just the both of us and the good Lord, and it shows how strong we are together. It means to me that no matter what we go through, or what people have to say about us or what they think. We have each other’s backs.”

“In your opinion, what are the most special parts of your relationship with (Melissa or Ruben) that you love the most?”

Melissa: “One of the most special things about us is that from the very first time I saw Ruben I knew he was the one. We would talk for hours at a time. One Saturday night I was on my way out to a birthday party and when he called me I cancelled my plans just to stay on the phone with him. We ended up staying on the phone for 8 hours while he drove back to Dallas. We never run out of things to talk about even still.”

Ruben: “The special thing bout Melissa, Dam where do I begin. She is truly the other half of me she makes me complete, she makes me whole. But what I really love bout this woman is how strong she is, I wouldn't be where I am at today because of her. She has taught me how to love again, that's what so special about her because I thought I would never have that opportunity again. It's like God really answered one of my prayers.. I could go on and on bout question number two, but I'm just going to have to leave it like this.”

Julia Guydeychuk