Matthias & Amanda // Devil's Lake State Park

“When did you know you were in love with (Matthias or Amanda)?”

Amanda: “I knew I liked him when he started reading the books I was reading, shoveled my sidewalk, and brought donuts for my family on Sunday. I knew I loved him as he voluntarily walked across an entire restaurant to get me a sauce for my meal he knew I liked. Although common tasks, his selfless love is his most attractive quality. I love him because he consistently helps me love everyone more.”

Matthias: “Since the moment we met I knew she was someone with a tremendous amount of patience, compassion and forgiveness. As time goes by I began to realize that love is not one piece but many leading to the goodness of God. Through our time together she has been teaching me to love deeper more everyday. There is not one moment I can say that stands out the most of our love, but our entirety of being together has been the moment and realization of my love for her. With Amanda I know there is so much more love to find and spread with her and humanity, this paradoxically feeds my desire to love her more!”

Julia Guydeychuk