Jacob & Hailey // Winter Courthouse Chicago Elopement

“How did it feel waking up that Saturday morning, knowing you were about to marry (Jacob or Hailey)?”

Hailey: “Well that morning we woke up late (per usual), so at first I felt a little panicked haha. But Jacob was so calm and thoughtful, he went to go pick up the flowers and coffee first and decided he would get ready at city hall so I could take my time getting ready. As I was getting ready I was oddly calm however excited to start my life with Jacob, I had no doubts that this is this person I am supposed to be with for the rest of my life.”

Jacob: “The morning of the wedding started off with us waking up late. It was no surprise has we love to sleep in, especially if it’s together. I ran off to get some last minute things while she got ready and would normally of felt very rushed and overwhelmed. Today was different though, it was the day that my beautiful Hailey, and I would forever become a team. I felt an ease lay over me while we walked out the door and headed downtown. Even the traffic of Chicago was no match for me today, has I had my person next to me. We made it to the courthouse fashionably late and met downstairs after I parked the car and changed. We waited a few minutes while other people came out and finally went into the back with the judge. That’s when it all stopped, and it was just Hailey and I. Through some tears I read my vows, and listened to hers, exchanged rings and was told I could finally kiss my BRIDE!”

Julia Guydeychuk