Matt & Emily // Adventurous Winter Engagement in the Woods // Illinois Wedding Photographer

“What are a few of your favorite things about (Matt or Emily) & what do you love most about your relationship?”

Emily: “It is hard to pick my favorite thing about Matt because he possesses so many wonderful qualities. My favorite qualities are the fact that he is so genuine and silly and the most loving person I have met. My favorite thing about our relationship is the way it has evolved and grown. Every page of our life chapter has brought new successes and challenges and our love has grown stronger along the way!”

Matt: “One of my favorite things about Emily is that she has this goofy side to her that only I get to see. People see this woman who dresses so professional, is incredibly organized, respectful, and well spoken. While I get to see those same things along with someone who comes home and instantly puts on the biggest comfiest pajamas and uses the funniest voice when talking to my dog. She never fails to make me laugh or smile. What I love most about our relationship is that we have supported each other through several different career changes while always making the best decision for us as a team, not as individuals. I also love that we can make any night special with each other whether it’s going out on a date or staying in and playing a game with a bottle of wine.”

Julia Guydeychuk