Curtis & Chelsea // Snowy Winter Wedding // Naperville, IL

When you are both of old and frail, what do you think you will love most about (Chelsea or Curtis)?

Curtis: “Her still being with me and still being so sweet. No matter what her age is, she’ll still have the same sweet heart and good intentions. Her love for the Lord and level head is an inspiration for me.” 

Chelsea: “Curtis is a people person. He loves people, is loyal, and cherishes every connection he makes and every friendship he has. He encourages me socially and pushes me to be involved and to forge relationships for the good of spreading the gospel. Being as I’m introverted, I need a bit of a push sometimes. He has the most amazing heart and God has gifted him with the ability of sparking curiosity in others by helping bring them to church. He inspires me to do the same. He is gracious and works hard to be the best man he possibly can for God’s purposes. I know he will keep us young by ensuring we have an amazing circle of friends and body of believers around us.” 

Julia Guydeychuk